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Naekook Wine & Spirits Co.
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Barley Soju (Bori24)

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Barley Soju (Bori24)

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Product Description

  • New Barley Soju
    We challenge you with clear and smooth taste of Bori24 and unique flavor by itself or your imagination creating various cocktails.

Product Feature

  • Bori 24 has a Soju spirit's original 24% alcohol strength and clean taste. It is made of the finest barley and pure crystal water. Japanese shochu drinkers find new fond of Bori24.

Product Specification / Models

  • 24% alcohol, 375ml. 750ml


  • Enjoy Bori 24's subtle sweetness and smooth clean taste served in various forms: straight, on-the-rocks, or in cocktails. Any vodka cocktail recipes can be enhanced with a better taste and flavor by replacing the vodka with a double-portion of Bori 24. Visit www.

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