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361, Mabong-ro, Yeonmu-eup, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do 33014 Korea
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Naekook Wine & Spirits Co.
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Neungi-Ju -Mushroom Rice Wine(Sweet-Type)

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Neungi-Ju -Mushroom Rice Wine(Sweet-Type)

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Unique taste of a master
It is a midicinal liquor good at the upset stomach caused by eating meat on the basis of Bonchokangmok. The unique taste is making the manias among the people who love to drink. It's a pround liquor received the bronze awards from the international wine competitions opened in Califormia Riverside and LA.

The way to enjoy
At first, enjoy slowly the unique flavor of Neungi mushroom of wellbeing mushroom liquor, Neungi-ju and put a sip of liquor in your mouth and followed by savoring it. It would be good for you to have it cool when you served with meat or fatty foods. Avoid direct sunlight. You can keep it without changing the tasted and flavor even for 2 years at room temperature. However, Keep it refrigerated after opening. You can use the remaining liquor opened 1 week ago in cooking.

*Alcohol 13 degrees, 375ml / Bronze Award from CA Riverside Wine Competition/Patent(No. 10-0704656)

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