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Tannenbaum Imperial / Tannebaum Premium

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Tannenbaum Imperial / Tannebaum Premium

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Product Description

  • International Award Winning Masterpieces of Smooth Korean Rice Wine (mushroom sake)
    T'baum Imperial: A Maestro's technique from the imperial era transcends the typical one-dimensional sake taste. With its rich savory flavor and distinct woody scent Imperial sake is as memorizing as its color. It has creamy fuller body in mouth with unique flavor and a hint of sweetness.
    T'baum Premium: Characterized by its fresh picked pine mushroom waft subtly on the nose - crisp and dry notes leaving clean aftertaste. It's a creation - an all natural rice wine that brings a refreshing aromatic experience that it simply unparallel.

Product Feature

  • The light character of T'baum rice wine works well as a banju (Aperitifs) before the meal, but it also can be served with the main dishes because its un-oaked body will not overwhelm food. T'Baum Imperial is recommended for meat dishes helping the digestion of protein and T'Baum Premium with its light pleasant aroma goes perfectly with fish dishes.

Product Specification / Models

  • 13% alcohol, 375 ml. & 750 ml.


  • T'baum rice wine series has a longer fermentation time than typical grape wines and should consumed fresh and served chilled on its own. The self-life is up to 2 years and should be stored in a cool, dark environment. Once opened, it will stay fresh in the refrigerator for one week after which, it can be used as a cooking wine.

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